Representing The Needs Of Employers And Insurance Companies

When it comes to workers’ compensation defense, at Bernard & Merrill PLLC, we are dedicated to producing the results our clients require in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We share the same goals as our clients – to expeditiously obtain a favorable outcome.

We work with insurance carriers, third-party administrators and employers to reduce the financial implications that workers’ compensation claims have on insurance carriers and businesses.

We understand how crucial these cases are, and we’ve successfully represented clients from diverse industries including:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitality industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Oil
  • Construction
  • Lumber industry
  • Transportation industry

We provide the high caliber workers’ compensation defense that is critical to keeping businesses of all sizes prosperous. You can count on our attorneys’ years of dedicated experience to providing vigorous representation to clients.

Dedicated To Clients From Day One

From the day a claim is filed to the final appeal, our seasoned attorneys provide unparalleled knowledge and responsiveness. We are the only firm in New Hampshire selected for membership in the National Workers’ Compensation Defense Network.

From simple to complex, we help in all varieties of workers’ comp cases and matters. We assist clients with:

  • Hearings and Appeals
  • Second Injury Fund
  • Minimizing Costs and Exposure of Claims
  • Representation For Self-Insured Employers
  • Settlements

We pride ourselves on our reputation of aggressively protecting our clients’ interests while quickly moving through the legal system. We are skilled litigators and trial lawyers who are prepared to tenaciously represent our clients’ best interests.

Call our firm at 603-622-8454 or email us for assistance.

Workers’ Compensation Laws In New Hampshire

Employers in New Hampshire are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. It is intended to provide assistance for employees injured on the job, either from a workplace accident or work-related injury. Worker’s compensation insurance, often referred to as workers’ comp, generally provides the injured employee with benefits such as covering the cost of medical bills, partial compensation for lost wages, and rehabilitation.

Bernard & Merrill PLLC has the comprehensive understanding of workers’ compensation laws in New Hampshire that only a firm with decades of experience can offer. All of our attorneys stay informed of the frequently changing laws and regulations so that we can offer legal guidance you can trust.

Let Us Use Our Experience To Answer Your Workers’ Comp Questions

We can help answer any question you may have. Some of the most common questions about workers’ compensation injuries include:

  • Do injuries sustained off-site at company-sponsored events qualify for workers’ compensation?
  • Are all employers, including sole proprietors, required to provide workers’ compensation insurance?
  • Do I need to have workers’ comp insurance for employees who are related to me?
  • Do part-time employees require coverage?
  • Do contractors require coverage?
  • Do repetitive task injuries qualify for workers’ comp?

You can rely on our industry and legal knowledge to thoroughly answer any question that should arise along the way.

When You Need Experience You Can Rely On, Call Us

Insurance adjusters and employers need legal advice and guidance that they can trust, and our attorneys’ decades of experience instills confidence in our clients. Additionally, we offer seminars which have been approved by the New Hampshire Insurance Department for continuing education credit for insurance adjusters.

When you need experienced workers’ compensation defense representation, call us at 603-622-8454.  We have served clients in New Hampshire and throughout the country since 1996.